Patient Experience (RXPX®)

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Meet Your Patient Experience Navigator

Our PX (Patient Experience) Navigators support and advocate for the patient throughout their healthcare journey.  The PX Navigator guides the patient through each step of their care by offering resources, support, and education.  We know that a patient is more than a diagnosis and the only way to effectively manage rare and chronic diseases is to provide patients with the tools to succeed.

Patient Support

Patient Education

Patient Advocacy 

Clinical Support

Provider Resources

Patient Adherence

Actionable Data

Patient Assistance

Our RXPX® program is committed to keeping the patient at the center of their care by facilitating a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach between the patient and all providers. This model is designed to prevent gaps in care and keep all stakeholders informed in real-time, which is facilitated through our data analytics platform, RareCare.

Using Telehealth to Improve the Patient Experience

Every patient is set up with our telehealth platform, HBNow. This gives patients access to Heritage Biologics clinicians anywhere, at anytime.

NO COST for patients

Clinicians available 24/7 

Premium access to video chat

Telehealth Phone

At Heritage Biologics, specialty trained nurses and rare-disease pharmacists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients can rest assured knowing they always have access to our clinical team.

It can be stressful enough living with a chronic or rare disease. Don’t add to the stress by trying to navigate your plan benefits on your own. Let us help you!

Heritage Biologics' Patient Services and Patient Experience teams will not only give you a full explanation of your benefits, but also identify whether you qualify for financial resources such as manufacturer copay or foundation assistance. We will ensure that the process is transparent and worry-free.

Through the integration of augmented reality devices into our clinical toolkit, we have improved venous access and provided superior infusion comfort for our patients.

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