Rare Disease Outcomes Management (RDOM)

Value-Based Healthcare

The global big data industry is valued at 138.9 billion dollars and is expected to grow to 229.4 billion by 2025.1 Big data has long influenced decisions made by top corporations and political leaders, and is increasingly proving to be an invaluable tool in healthcare. In pioneering both RXPX® (Pharmacy Patient Experience) and Value-Based Specialty Pharmacy®, the unique way we are using health data to help patients and other stakeholders is changing the lives of our rare-disease patients nationwide.

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Rare Disease Outcomes Management

At Heritage Biologics, we built our RDOM® (Rare Disease Outcomes Management) Program around the data we’ve collected through our various touch points with the patient. Our proprietary method of collecting, reporting, interpreting and extrapolating the data has been carefully refined through various experts and leading academic scholars in both business and medicine. The result is a detailed, ongoing compendium of the patient’s health journey. Because this data is reported in real time through our RareCare clinical platform, we are able to detect patient regressions and exacerbations, and systematically design interventions faster through collaboration with the physician.


Meet your Clinical Care Team

Every patient receives the services of a multidisciplinary clinical care team. This care team leads our RDOM® (Rare Disease Outcomes Management) program and implements customized interventions based on the individual needs of each patient to promote positive health outcomes.

Heritage Biologics Care Teams Include:

Rare Disease Specialized Pharmacists

Immunoglobulin Certified Infusion Nurses

Certified Patient Experience Navigators

Patient Services and Billing Specialists

Registered Dietitians

Let the Data Speak for Itself

Data-Backed Results from our RDOM® Program

No one in the industry has our data-backed record of producing better outcomes for patients. These outcomes result in tangible savings for patients and health plans. The data below is taken from one of our many case studies and compares a hemophilia patient one calendar year with his previous provider, to one year on service at Heritage Biologics.

Emergency Room Visits

Previous Provider
Heritage Biologics

Active Bleeds

Previous Provider
Heritage Biologics

Hospital Admissions

Previous Provider
Heritage Biologics
Reduction in Medication Used
Savings in Hospital Admissions
Savings in Emergency Room Visits
Total Savings

Whether it's a potential infusion reaction, or a patient who is self-infusing and needs to troubleshoot a problem, Heritage Biologics clinicians are available around the clock to help patients make the most appropriate decision when it comes to their care. This avoids costly— and sometimes dangerous mistakes! Our clinicians are available through either the main line at 1-855-937-7273, or our HBNow telehealth platform, allowing us to provide value-based specialty pharmacy services 24/7.

By providing regular clinical snapshots to providers, we are able to share patient progress, trends, and other actionable data that is useful for the patient’s care plan. These snapshots are also accessible to providers via our RareCare platform.

Providing the highest standard of care, Heritage Biologics is accredited by both URAC and ACHC.

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Using Augmented Reality to Improve Patient Outcomes

Through the integration of augmented reality devices into our clinical toolkit, we have improved venous access and provided superior infusion comfort for our patients.

Higher number of successful access IV attempts

Reduced number of needle sticks for difficult venous access patients

Better reported patient satisfaction